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PITITION SHARIIF To all who care about the development and progress of Somalia and particularly the ... Aug 27, 2015

Somalia: AU Forces L

amisom1 Nairobi) – African Union (AU) forces in Somalia (AMISOM) should impartially investigate the killing ... Aug 14, 2015

Standing on the Ashe

Sharif-Hassan-300x226 August 11, 2015 By: Hassan M. Abukar Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, the President of the Interim ... Aug 12, 2015

Press Release Press

Date: 23 July 2015 Örebro, Sweden Purpose: Massacre, widespread looting and displacement in Bakool region, ... Jul 26, 2015

The University of So

The University of Southern Somalia (USS) Board of Trustees invites nominations and applications for ... Jul 6, 2015

Liban Abikar Yusuf (

Last week, Liban Abikar Yusuf (Yuyu), the commander of the Security Services of Afgoye, ... Jun 26, 2015

Waalaha Muslimiintoo

Ilaahey ajir iyo xasanaad ha idinka siiyee ka qeyb qaata afurinta umada u baahan ... Jun 15, 2015

Tariq Ramadan: ̵

The prominent Muslim academic on the threat of the Islamic State group and how ... Jun 13, 2015

Daawo Fadeexo:- UN p

Daawo Aljazeera oo inoo soo gudbineysa ceebo lasoo deristey UN peacekeepers ka howl gala qaar ... Jun 11, 2015


 BACKGROUND The indigenous peoples of the Benadir have suffered from various historic injustices where their ... Jun 11, 2015

TAGTALK: : New Persp

Think. Act. Grow. ( TAGTAlk) in association with Somali Tenant Association and Reghaay Community ... Jun 9, 2015

Ogeysiis Dhamaan som

Waxaa la idinku wargelinayaa in la qaban doono barnaamij la magac baxay Narrative Change ... May 12, 2015

Kenya is committing

On 09th April 2015, Kenya shut down all the Somali remittance companies operating in ... Apr 12, 2015

Article: The South-W

Much hope has been pinned on the new South-West regional state (SW) becoming an ... Apr 11, 2015

Prof Mohamed H Mukht

The recent decision by Merchants Bank of California and other US Financial Regulatory Agencies ... Feb 24, 2015

The Superb SIX reaso

Somalia, a war torn country since 1991, is coming back to its sense now, ... Jan 31, 2015



The Unity of Southwe

The recent UNSOM, AMISOM, Etiopians and Kenyans recognition of Shariif Hassan Administration, South West ... Dec 26, 2014