Somali forces, African Union troops secure more areas

askarGovernment forces backed by African Union troops have secured an area of 30 kms North West of the capital Mogadishu. Security forces say that the capture of Saqiro sub-district and its surroundings has dealt a big blow to the Al-Shabaab fighters who have used such locations to stage sporadic attacks on the capital.

They also say this is a major step in securing the strategic Mogadishu-Afgooye road that serves as a life line to thousands of people in south Somalia.

In early December, a delegation of Somalia’s government ministers including the defense and national security ministers as well as security officials were ambushed by Al-Shabaab fighters as they were returning to Mogadishu from a visit to the city of Marka, south of the capital Mogadishu.

AMISOM argues that such operations aim to boost the security of Mogadishu which is returning to normalcy after more than decades.

The forces have lately captured major towns in south and central Somalia further extending the control of the Somali government.

Army officials now hope that with public support the war against Al-Shabaab will soon come to an end.

Elsewhere in Lower Juba regions of South Somalia, tension remains high as AMISOM troops from the Kenyan contingent advance deeper into Al-Shabaab territory.

Also the allied forces are preparing to take control of Jilib town where al-Shabab are said to be regrouping to retaliate.

For five years, the Al-Shabaab fighters have struggled to overthrow the U-N backed government in Somalia. However, the group has suffered setbacks in the past year after losing a string of towns to government forces backed by the African Union Mission in Somalia.

Source Press Tv

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